Monday, February 23, 2009

Recovery Acountability and Transparency Board

In what appears to be the increasing Orwellian administration of Barack Obama, the White House has established the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board. In effect the Chairman of the RATB will serve at the request of the President to be the ultimate hall monitor for the $787 Billion American Recovery and Investment Plan of 2009.

We as a society are walking a narrow line between an intrusive federal government with its reams of rules and regulations and a society that functions in an environment that is entrepreneurial,where shades of grey weave through the black and white of rigid bureaucracy.

It is a wonder,that given the regulatory weight that burdens each of us, that we as a nation have accomplished what we have. The free enterprise system that has provided the framework to support the ideal that is America is burdened.

We are operating under the constraints of a 19th century perception that American business owners and CEO's of companies are out to perform salacious acts of greed upon an unsuspecting and innocent American public. We govern to the lowest denominator and as such the exceptions that dominate our media for their extreme forms of unsavory behavior become the benchmark in the eyes of the public for corporate behavior

We are a nation of paradox at war with ourselves. We are sacrificing the principles of free enterprise,allowing socialism to dominate our political manifest as we have been bruised and battered by economic extremes. America is tired. We have carried the hopes and dreams of
not one nation but many nations for two centuries.

We were a social experiment that has wandered far from the precepts of the founding fathers. We have evolved through layer upon layer of social engineering and institutional evolution to arrive at this point in our history where czars are being appointed in Washington to formulate policies and execute strategies that are designed to limit our free enterprise system and the incentives of individuals for the collective good.

We are tackling the challenges of the 21st century with 20th century solutions that proved inept
and led to the collective containment of dreams for hundreds of millions of people. The Obama administration, rather than move us further into the 21st century is responsible for propagating a governance that has us firmly planted in the liberal politic of the last century.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

American Recovery Plan?

The American Recovery and Investment Plan of 2009, is the highest spending bill ever passed by Congress and signed by an American President. It will forever be linked to Barack Obama and historians will over time analyze and assess the effect on a recession that has seen trillions of dollars of wealth dissipate after the housing market bubble burst and the stock market collapsed losing 50% of its value.

The response from Wall Street and the markets around the Globe have been to reach lows not seen in a decade. The $780 billion bill which the Congress passed without reading or allowing any time for the public or the media to digest was filled layered with billions of dollars of projects to satisfy special interests that the Democrats are beholden to.

The bill was devoid of traditional business investment incentives. In their haste to placate the numerous special interests that supported their campaign, the Obama administration failed to recognize the importance of America's entrepreneurs with appropriate incentives to create jobs.

Obama, who has no business experience and appears intent upon transforming America from a country that has embraced and prospered under a free enterprise system into a socialist centralized economy. The redistribution of wealth that Obama and his administration are committed to will serve only to lessen incentive at the top of the economic ladder and further weaken our nation .

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gregg Bails Out Of Cabinet Post

Judd Gregg, the Republican Senator from New Hampshire, withdrew his name from nomination today as Secretary of Commerce. Gregg, a leading Republican moderate in the Senate, was President Barack Obama's choice for the Commerce post following Bill Richardson's withdrawal from the nomination. Richardson, who at times campaigned alongside Obama in the 2008 Presidential campaign, withdrew over controversy in his home state around "pay for play" issues.

Senator Gregg, was touted by Obama as a knowledgeable replacement for Richardson and someone with strong Republican credentials that could aid the President in his bridge toward bipartisanship. The Senator expressed differences of opinion, over his and the President's views on the stimulus plan, that the President has been pushing through Congress, with the support of the Congressional Democrats, as well as the intention of the Obama administration to significantly politicize the 2010 census.

Historically, responsibility for oversight of the census falls within the purview of the Commerce Department. The Obama administration has plans to provide oversight of the 2010 census from the White House.

Senator Gregg's withdrawal from the nomination process for Commerce Secretary, is clearly a blow to Obama and his administration's selection process which has been plagued with issues that evolved over a number of nominees that had tax issues including, former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, who withdrew his name from nomination as Secretary of Health and Human Services and Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner who was approved despite his tax problems.

In addition, the Senator's withdrawal casts a negative light upon the stimulus package and attempts by the President to position the package as a bipartisan plan. To date only three republicans, all Senators have voted in favor of the plan. A compromise bill is expected to be approved by the House and Senate over the next 24 to 48 hours.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stimulus Plan Readied For Approval

The House and Senate conferees have agreed with the White House on a $790 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan that President Barack Obama has been actively campaigning for in recent days, with campaign visits to Elkhart, Indiana and Fort Myers, Florida.

The plan, which is in effect a compromise, between Democrats in the House and Democrats in the Senate, may come to a vote in the House as soon as Thursday. At $790 Billion the bill has been ratcheted down from the $838 billion stimulus plan approved by the Senate earlier in the week.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Senate Approves (Bipartisan?) Stimulus Plan

The United States Senate, voted to approve an $838 Billion economic stimulus plan today with the support of only 3 Republican Senators. The bill will now proceed to a joint House and Senate conference which will be faced with negotiating comprises within two very distinctive bills.

President Barack Obama, has been on the road in Elkhart, Indiana and Fort Myers, Florida making his case for his American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan. The President's challenge, following passage of the act by the House and the Senate, will be to hold the thin thread of bipartisanship together that was extended by the 3 Republicans in the Senate, that supported the bill, following a significant reduction of spending, previously passed in the House bill.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Obama Calls For Urgency With American Recovery Act

President Barack Obama took his case for an economic stimulus plan to the residents of Elkhart, Indiana an Indiana community where 1 in 4 jobs are related to the RV industry.

Obama touted his American Recovery Act and Reinvestment Plan to a largely supportive audience that allowed the President to flex his campaign style rhetoric and build his case with the American public for the Congress to act now and approve his stimulus plan.

Concerned that the plan may become bogged down in debate and conference Obama conducted a town hall style meeting and assured the audience that failure to act with a sense of urgency would result in a deepening economic crisis from which America "may not recover".

Obama repeated his claims that America is looking for new solutions and that the bill currently in Congress does not have any earmarks. The President emphasized that need for saving existing and creating new jobs and indicated that his plan would do so.

Obama, also indicated that all spending related to the American recovery Act would be reported and tracked on the American Recovery Act website.